The Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer is a FREE middle school science education journal that contains real research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.

Science News For Kids

The name says it all, “Science News for Kids.” You can save and download articles as PDF files!

BBC News: Science and Environment

Current science news articles that are short in length, but high in quality

Discovery Science

Part of the Common Core science literacy standards requires students to compare information from different resources, including videos. Discovery has wonderful, up-to-date science videos


Current articles, blog posts, videos, webinars and lessons from NASA

Science Daily

An aggregate of science research, updated daily

Earth Observatory

Articles, blogs, videos, and photographs about the planet Earth

E! Science News

Popular Science news articles

Strategy Alignment

Strategies for teaching each of the science and technical subject literacy standards. Created in partnership between the Oconee River GYSTC and Northeast Georgia RESA - 2012