Socratic Seminar
Greece County Schools

The Socratic Seminar is used to engage students in deeper thinking about texts by teaching them to ask high level questions, listen to classmates respond, and respond to questions themselves. Allows them to process views on a claim.

RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic)

Raft allows students to think about their topic through a different point of view by taking on an imaginary role.

Post-it Note Discussion (See Video Below)

Post-it Note Discussion allows students to "hold their thinking" on paper while they discuss the text with other students and the teacher.

They Say, I Say

One Pager
Two Pager
Six Pager

These templates scaffold the fundamentals of quality argumentation. Students learn how to incorporate counterarguments.

They say I say.PNG

Text Talk Time

A class structure that allows students to process ideas through organized discussion. This teacher demonstrates how she uses sentence stems to scaffold the conversation.

Four Corners (can be a task engagement as well)

Students move to different corners that represent different points of view. They write down on post-its or chart paper evidence from their research to support these views.