• Initiation of Task: Ability to establish a claim and consolidate information relevant to task.

  • Planning: Ability to develop a line of thought and text structure appropriate to an argumentation task.

  • Development: Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure.

  • Revision & Editing: Ability to apply revision strategies to refine development of argument, including line of thought, language, tone, and presentation.


This website contains clear and concise tutorials on who to write a variety of essays. It is free and provides interactive features. Use the Common Core Navigator to find lesson sets on research, reading, and writing.


TAP Worksheet

TAP (Topic, Audience, Purpose) -Students look at the prompt to determine what their essay’s main topic is (topic), to whom they are writing (audience) , and the main idea/thesis (purpose).

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Online Thesis Builder

Plug in key ideas and this helps you write a thesis.

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Tools for Outlineing

How to create outlines for Argumentation

Online Outline BuilderOutline box.JPG


OWL Purdue Lesson on Understanding the Prompt

This resource covers responding to the writing prompt, beginning with understanding the prompt and what it is asking you to do.Prompts.JPG

Meacham Writer's Workshop

Writing mini-lessons for primary grades


A great way to integrate reading and writingRAFT.JPG